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Mission Statement

To provide a consistent commercial building maintenance service, who utilizes proactive management communication to accommodate and anticipate the individual needs of every client.

Vision Statement

To become the forerunner in commercial janitorial services, BriteStar Cleaning, Inc. will set the precedent for all commercial building maintenance services who follow. By providing a service that encompasses all areas of commercial building needs, BriteStar Cleaning, Inc. will impart a foundation ultimately allowing for all associates to flourish.


BriteStar Cleaning, Inc. began operation in 1999, and has provided quality janitorial services to industrial, office parks, mid-rise and high-rise buildings ever since. What began as a simple commercial janitorial service, has developed into a complete commercial building maintenance service. BriteStar Cleaning, Inc. now provides custom janitorial services, floor and carpet care services, window cleaning, and hassle-free supply sales.

We believe that building owners and managers want an efficient, smooth-running maintenance program. BriteStar Cleaning, Inc. has developed policies and procedures, training programs, supervisor manuals, and quality control systems to make our maintenance relationship with each client virtually complaint-free. Our own experience has proven, that by creating an exceptional system of internal organization, each member of BriteStar Cleaning, Inc. has the resources to efficiently expedite any client request.


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"BriteStar is very concerned with customer satisfaction. They are very consistant with following up and making sure the business is clean." - KinderCare


"We are very satisfied with their products, pricing and availability. BriteStar saved our company 10% on all of our supplies!" - L.A. Boxing

Carpet & Floors

"Great improvement from the past service. Floors sparkle and carpets are kept free of spots! Very happy!" - Calhac

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