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Carpet Cleaning

BriteStar Cleaning, Inc. provides a professional carpet cleaning service. First, we vacuum all carpets in designated area. This includes moving all lightweight desk chairs, vacuuming underneath desks, and vacuuming any door mats that may be in the area. Next, we prepare our machines with the precise amount of cleaning solution. The third step in our carpet cleaning process is to give special attention to all spots and heavily-soiled areas of the designated carpeting. Then, all carpets are thoroughly shampooed, with additional attention to areas that were pre-treated for spots and soil. Again, any lightweight desk chairs are shifted to clean underneath desks. Finally, all shampooed areas of the carpet are thoroughly rinsed.

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"BriteStar is very concerned with customer satisfaction. They are very consistant with following up and making sure the business is clean." - KinderCare


"We are very satisfied with their products, pricing and availability. BriteStar saved our company 10% on all of our supplies!" - L.A. Boxing

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"Great improvement from the past service. Floors sparkle and carpets are kept free of spots! Very happy!" - Calhac

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