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Complete Floor Care Services

Brite Star Cleaning, Inc. provides complete professional floor care services. Whether your floors are in need of restoration with our stripping and refinishing process, or are simply in need of freshening up with our buffing process, BriteStar Cleaning, Inc. has the floor care solution to renew your flooring.

Floor Stripping & Refinishing

Floor stripping and refinishing is the best way to renew dull, stained, and lifeless flooring. The first step in this procedure is to sweep all designated floors to remove dirt and debris. The second step is to strip the floor to remove all excess stains and scratches. The final step in this process is to refinish all stripped flooring with the wax solution. This will leave a brilliant shine on the previously worn floors.

Floor Buffing

Buffing services freshen up your flooring by removing minor scratches and scuffs, and enhancing the floors with a solution for added shine. The first step in this procedure is to sweep the floor to remove all dirt and debris. The second step is to buff the designated area while adding the proper solution to enhance the shine of the floors. The result of this process is that floors are left thoroughly polished and radiant.

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Complete Floor Care Services

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